Barrios de Londres.London boroughs por/by A boy from heliopolis.Un chaval de heliopolis

I´m just a boy from Heliopolis.Many boroughs I still don´t know are there waiting for a visit,sometimes for an unexpected reasons you arrive to a new one getting out the tube just for a little business or meeting get a glimpse and bye bye .I wonder wich one is yours?in a way my borough  London or wherever is Heliopolis.If I would have to choose one I doubt between NW and SE.Maybe I should try living in Pimlico or Marylebone halfway or probably in the f*cking fulham or chiswick Putney or where the f*ck possible by the riverside

map-marylebone chiswick-riverside-pubkensington-guest-housePimlico_station_Drummond_Gateheliópolis old-shops QY2E8604jpgheliopolis620-marine-wharf

0407 ed Walk 1.eps
article-2531712-1A5BC9ED00000578-886_964x601 0407 ed Walk 1.eps

10397417661_246abbeyroad_IMG_00_0000_max_656x437673019_1ca5dedb96380_RS0030_IMG_03_0000_max_656x4371328886152External Belsize Park house600_45KingdomSt_5Sketch-955x453jpg abbey roadAbbey_rd_6AlbionThornhillA-row-of-houses-in-south--001images hhKilburn-_A4003_Willesden_Lane_-_Geograph_-_531976newton-house-ths10a-cpic32Kensington-House-by-Virginia-Kerridge-2C-images-Michael-Nicholson-1_1024-940x628lsw_sgh_170987_94_pcf_32_largelsw_sgh_170987_94_pcf_34_large house_from_walderton_sussex1.original,jpg v2-door-2hqdefault,jpgolympic_housing_crunch_london_landlords_evict_tenants_to_gouge_touristsjpg Chagford1Child-Poverty_682_1435555a booth-mapjpg Ferry_Lane_Estatejpg house_cowdrey_road_london_7130132417832915925jpg jpg QY2E95221RCS79971RCS80241RCS8057imagesjpg2 imagesjpg


CNKWYR old isleworth london england
CNKWYR old isleworth london england



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